How to use Turbo Tax to Do City Tax

While most cities do not charge city tax, some cities, such as New York and Columbus, Ohio, to do. Depending on what city you live in, you could face a tax bill of up to 3.98 percent of your income. Can deal with all of the different types of taxes you have to pay to be a challenge. If you live in the municipality of the city that contains taxes and state taxes, you may be able to use TurboTax 2013 to pay all your taxes at the same time.


1. Turbo Tax product selection that is right for your tax situation. Free Edition can help you if you have a simple return. Edition homes and businesses can help you if you are small business owners.


2. File federal and state taxes using your Turbo Tax software. Turbo Tax lets you e-file your taxes, or you can file your taxes by mail.


3. Check with your local city government to find out the information you'll need to file city taxes. Some cities, like Cincinnati, allow you to file your taxes online using the information contained in the federal / state your tax return.


4. File your city taxes. If you submit approval of the paper, click "print and file" tab or button on Turbo Tax to print a paper copy of your return. Then click on the button "print / save for your records." Most likely you will need to attach a printout of the tax return form your city. If you e-file, you will need to manually enter the numbers from your tax return. "Print and file" option in the Turbo Tax enables you to view your information before you print it, so you can copy the information on-line for the return of your city.


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